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Interesting (and potentially useful), but not quite what I'm after. I'm looking for the CR of the default monster, and hoping it stays the same even if added to the build via a monster class. To continue with the example of Mummy:

You could make a Mummy by starting with the Mummy monster as found in MMI as the base: CR 5, pure and simple. Or, you could start with a different monster/build/thing (let's use the Libris Mortis example of Minotaur, CR 4) and give it the 13 levels in the Mummy class from the same book. For the purposes of this competition, would its CR be 4 original + 5 Mummy = 9 CR total, or would it be 4 original + 13 class levels = 17 CR total even though the class levels are just recreating the Mummy's stats?
I'm not sure this is actually rules-legal. "Mummy" isn't a template (though "mummified creature" is). The monstrous class is for starting play as a Mummy at a level below what it's HD+LA would normally call for, not for combining it with other things.

So, for instance, with the Minotaur you want to advance into Mummy, you would be better off looking deeper into Libris Mortis at the "Mummified Creature" template and applying that. The CR adjustment of the template would apply to the CR of the Minotaur, and then you could add class levels after that.

Now, I know "Mummy" and "Minotaur" are placeholders, but if you're trying to advance one monster using another monster's savage progression, you probably can't, by the RAW. Your best bet is to look for a template version of the thing you're trying to add. There likely is one, somewhere, if it makes sense to transform the one creature into the other the way the savage progression being added on would imply.