The Third Circle, Northside

Somebody enters the bookshop, with a determined stride. They're an elf, slender of build, and not particularly muscular. They're male, judging by the way their shirt hangs open without buttons to close it. He has light brown skin, bright blue eyes and long, silver-white hair cascading down their back. The shirt is thin, nearly translucent in places, red silk, and he wears a matching pair of baggy trousers, with pointy-toed red leather boots on his feet. A large rucksack has been slung over his back, and a dagger with an opal pommel sits in a sheath at his waist. His chest and arms are covered in tattoos, the ones on his arms mostly being small, lone symbols in black ink; there's a circle with a cross inside tattooed on the backs of his hands, with black flames around his right wrist, moving up into broken arrows, then keys before being covered by his shirt, whilst there's black daggers around his left wrist, moving into feathers, then jagged lightning bolts. Tattooed on his stomach is a large rearing bull and above that broken chains and a soaring eagle. Whoever did the tattoos is very good; possibly even a master, even if they only used black ink.

He'll look around for now, trying to find a book on tattooing or runes, ideally ones with power. To those with magical sight, he's a mage, and every single tattoo is a spell waiting to be triggered. Also, since his shirt hangs open, and he's thin, a major difference between elves and humans- in addition to the more obvious pointed ears, though his are hidden mostly by his hair, he has an extra pair of ribs.