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Had she tried to cook a mixing bowl yet? That's the point where my folks had to admit my grandmother could no longer be left in her home any more.
No, she's never got that sort of confused, just very forgetful (short-term; as I said today, better that than the long-term) at her worst. Her biggest problem is physical - she's basically unable to walk anymore, she hasn't been able to walk with her zimmer to the car since before Christmas. She's been managing to walk into the next room to get in the wheel chair in the last couple of times. (Her not being able to use her commode is the biggest danger in that regard.) She's taking a while to orientate herself after waking up, because she is seeming to sleep quiet deeply, but once she's shaken the cobwebs off, at least the last couple of days, Mum says, she's been back to normal.

She does have carers in three times a day, so she doesn't have to do any cooking anyway.