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    Quote Originally Posted by Tvtyrant View Post
    I honestly don't understand why anyone buys carpet. I would take wood, plaster, tile or concrete over it. You can easily add a rug, taking a carpet away is a lot more work. I also think wallpaper is the rug of the walls; tapestries and paintings do the same thing better without the labor and mess.

    I got in a really sharp walk today, Portland is built at the bottom of a bowl surrounded by hills so I tend to climb up the hills and out of the town and then back. It is fun going from the base of a skyscraper to climb higher than it and back; it gives me a sense of accomplishment. My glute activation exercises seem to be working; my butt hurts instead of my quads now.
    Yeah. I'm not a fan of carpet. We are going to ceramic tile in all of our units. I think we are about 3/4 of the way there at this point. This is the first time we've really been able to get into this unit since it was rented when we bought it.

    EDIT: Should probably relate to fitness somehow

    In other news......I am hitting the books hard for the whole personal trainer thing. I have a guy set up to give me the CPR/AED class (for free even Yay Boy Scout friends) and seem to be on schedule as far as class work goes.
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