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NG Dragonborn Duskling Marshal 1/Incarnate 1/Dragon Shaman 4
Spoiler: Stub Stuff

Dragonborn template – RoTD 8: +2 CON, -2 DEX, gain dragonblood subtype, +2 dodge to ac vs dragons, immunity to frightful presence, Wings aspect - +10 to Jump, can glide (negate falling damage from any height, move 20’ forward for every 5’ falling at speed 30/avg. At 6hd, can fly at 30/avg for CON rounds consecutively for up to 10 mins day, but can combine w/ glide to extend. While flying, can make a dive (charge attack at +2 to hit), if wielding a piercing weapon, deal double damage. Gain Draconic as a bonus language.

Duskling – MoI 10: +2 CON, -2 INT Medium, speed 30, gain 1 essentia, Fey (extraplanar) making them immune to effects that target humanoids, like charm person. Lowlight (lost to dragonborn)

32 Point Buy:
STR 14, DEX 12, CON 13, INT 12, WIS 8, CHA 17
STR 14, DEX 10, CON 17, INT 10, WIS 8, CHA 17
Level 4 into CHA


Spoiler: Background

I am brain dead from RL, and for once have no creative energy left for fluff.

Spoiler: Build

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Marshall +0 +2 +0 +2 Intimidate +4, Listen +4, Sense Motive +4, Speak Language 1 (draconic), Spot 4 Nymph's Kiss (B)Skill Focus Diplomacy Minor Aura - Motivate Charisma, Dragonborn
2nd Incarnate +0 +4 +0 +4 Knowledge Arcana 3 (B)Alertness 2 soulmelds, 1 essentia, Detect Opposition
3rd Dragon Shaman +0 +6 +0 +6 Intimidate 6, Hide 1 Flyby Attack Draconic Aura +1, Totem Dragon - Copper, 3 Auras
4th Dragon Shaman 2 +1 +7 +0 +7 Hide 2, Intimidate 7 (B)Skill Focus Hide -
5th Dragon Shaman 3 +2 +7 +1 +7 Hide 3, Intimidate 8 - Draconic Adaptation - Spider Climb/will, 4 Auras
6th Dragon Shaman 4 +3 +8 +1 +8 Hide 4, Never Outnumbered Open Least Chakra - Hands (Lucky Dice) Breath Weapon 2d6 Line of Acid, Draconic Resolve
Epic Feats:
1-Exotic Weapon Proficiency –Harpoon
2-Imperious Command
3-Powerful Charge
4-Shape Soulmeld – Brass Mane
5-Shape Soulmeld – Dissolving Spittle
6-Bonus Essentia
7-Shape Soulmeld – Fearsome Mask
8-Shape Soulmeld – Vitality Belt
9-Lightning Reflexes
10-Daunting Presence (DC 23)

Spoiler: Class Bits

Draconic Auras:
(Healing) Vigor – Fast Healing 1 to all at less than half health
(Face) Presence +1 to Bluff/Diplo/Intim
(Scouting) Senses +1 Spot/Listen and Initiative
(Combat) Energy- anyone striking you or allies takes 2 points acid damage

Incarnate Soulmelds:
(1 essentia) (Bound to Hands @6th) Lucky Dice - +1 luck bonus to attack and damage OR saves OR skills and abitlity checks. If roll 7 on 2d6, bonus applies to all until next round. When bound to hands, all allies in 30ft gain same bonus. Each essentia invested adds 1 round to the duration (2 rounds total, meaning you’re always going to have 2 separate bonus’s at +1). Swift action activation, usable every round.
(1 essentia) Soulspark Familiar – Least, +1 to attack and damage. MoI 87, 197
Brass Mane -+4 to intimidate
(1 essentia) Dissolving Spittle – 2d6/round ranged touch acid attack
(1 essentia) Fearsome Mask - +4 more to Intimidate
Vitality Belt - +4 to CON checks, but not FORT

-Harpoon: Frostburn 76, Ranged, 1d10 piercing, and REF DC 10+damage dealt or be impaled, can only move half speed, and can’t charge or run. If impaled DC 15 concentration check or fail any spell attempted. Creature can pull harpoon from itself as a full round action requiring 2 hands, and causing the initial damage again. A DC 15 Heal check negates this damage. As a ranged weapon, you can either throw this, or as this build will do, use it as a spear.

--- Optional, but highly beneficial equipment suggestion ---
Inspiration, shield enhancement +1 (CL 5), Forge of War Web Article, doubles beneficial aura range: all auras ranges are doubled, and 1/day cast Prayer as a free action (40ft radius burst, centered on you, for 5 rounds, all allies gain +1 luck bonus to attacks, weapon damage, saves, skills, and all enemies get -1 to all of those)

Frightful Crest Graft – RotD 128: when you attack or charge, all nondragon creatures w/in 30 feet of you who have less HD are panicked for 1 round, if equal or more HD shaken for 1 round, WILL to negate 10+half HD+CHA (DC 23), this is a mind affecting fear effect.

Skill Tricks:
Never Outnumbered – Csco 87– REQ INTIM 8: when using intimidate to demoralize, all opponents w/in 10 ft are affected

Spoiler: The Build Explained

Level 1: We take Marshall first for more skill points, ditch the Skill Focus to Dragonborn, and take Nymph’s Kiss for even more ++CHA CHA goodies. CHA+CHA+Nymph for +8 to CHA things. The only Skills that use CHA that can’t be used untrained are UMD and Gather Info.
Level 2: Incarnate gives you another essentia, 2 soulmelds, and Detect Evil/will. The familiar is just a little extra ranged damage every round, and like all others, gives you Alertness as well.
Level 3-6: All Dragon Shaman. Get the Inspiration shield enchancement ASAP as it will double the range of all your auras, Marshall’s is now 120ft, and all others are 60ft. Going with the Copper dragon here will give a Line of acid breath weapon (DC 15 REF), and Spider Climb/will. Skill Focus Hide, and immunity to sleep/paralysis effects as well. Spider Climb in particular is used to scale the heights, to which you can then jump off from and glide or dive attack your enemies from, using the Wings aspect of Dragonborn to even greater effect. At 4th, our CHA CHA is +10.

Epic Feats:

1-Exotic Weapon Proficiency –Harpoon
2-Imperious Command
3-Powerful Charge
4-Shape Soulmeld – Brass Mane
5-Shape Soulmeld – Dissolving Spittle
6-Bonus Essentia
7-Shape Soulmeld – Fearsome Mask
8-Shape Soulmeld – Vitality Belt
9-Lightning Reflexes
10-Daunting Presence (DC 23)

You CAN use a harpoon earlier in the build, albeit at a -4 penalty to hit. There are plenty of other Piercing weapons usable that do decent damage, especially when that damage is doubled due to a dive attack. A trident is a 1h martial weapon doing 1d8. If not using your shield, a Lance/Spear is a 2h’r doing 1d8, a simple short spear does 1d6. You have options, although you want the harpoon most of the time. Strength isn’t high enough for a 2h weapon to make a difference, and since the harpoon isn’t specifically listed as a 2h’r, it’s not. Best hit on a Harpoon dive attack (not counting a critical) is then 1d10x2 (20) + STRx2 (2) + Lucky Dice (1) + Masterwork (1), + Powerful Charge (8) at the very least, meaning a DC 42 REF save or be impaled, and dealing another 32 damage when it’s removed.

Imperious Command takes your Intimidate Check, applied w/ Never Outnumbered for a 10ft AOE cowering effect. Cowered opponents take no actions and suffer -2 to AC, and also lose DEX to AC. The following round they’re Shaken for -2 to attacks/saves/skills/ability checks. Intimidate check is 8 ranks + 10 CHA CHA +d20. Of course there’s Lucky Dice for another +1, Presence for +1. Demoralize to cower, fly, dive attack (especially painful as they can’t make a REF save against the damage) and impale your foe w/ flyby attack. Of course if you rule that you can’t cower and attack in the same round, there’s still -2 on the save the following round, and of course cowering helps your allies out.

Powerful Charge adds 1d8 damage to your charge (dive) attack. MOAR DAMAGE!!! /rawr
(Fun thought, is this damage then doubled when used w/ the dragonborn’s wings aspect as well? That’d be 2d10+2d8+misc bonus’s…)

Brass Mane grants +4 to intimidate (+24 total). Dissoliving Spittle starts w/ 1d6 acid as a touch attack, then gets an essentia added in at 6th for 2d6 every round. Fearsome Mask gets the other floating essentia for another +4 to Intimidate (+28 total), and Vitality Belt grants +4 to CON checks (but not FORT saves) to increase the DC of our breath weapons (DC 19 REF).

It’s questionable whether grafts are available in an e6 world. To take the graft feats requires 10 ranks in a skill. Obviously if you can get a graft, the fearsome presence of a dragon can be emulated w/ the one above. Since its probably not something you can do, the build takes Daunting Presence at 10th for nearly the same effect. The big difference is that it’s a standard action to activate vs an automatic 30ft radius on an attack/charge, but the duration is MUCH longer.

If grafts are a thing that are possible, drop DP at 10th and take almost anything else, even Weapon Focus or Improved Initiative.

Be a support player, but also be able to jump into the mix and smack stuff around. You have 4 draconic aura’s, 1 marshall’s aura, a Lucky Dice Aura. Plus prayer as an AoE burst for 5 rounds 1/day. You can melt faces with an astronomical Intimidate check, and contribute heavily in melee combat with diving charges. You have a 2d6 acid breath weapon, a 2d6 ranged touch acid attack, as well as a Familiar doing 1d4+2 every round as a ranged attack. At lvl 6 and into the epics, you can pull the essential invested in your familiar and add it to anything else, if into Spittle that becomes 3d6. Cowering your enemies grants all your allies a better chance to hit them as well for 2 rounds.

The Tier System ranks Dragon Shaman as Tier 5, but I think in the context of e6 and this build, that you are solidly in the Tier 3 realm.

Spoiler: Sources, etc

Book of Exalted Deeds: Nymph’s Kiss p44
Complete Scoundrel: Never Outnumbered p87
Drow of the Underdark: Imperious Command p50
Frostburn: Harpoon p76
Magic of Incarnum: Brass Mane p62, Dissolving Spittle p64, Fearsome Mask p66, Incarnate p20, Lucky Dice p77, Soulspark Familiar p86, Open Least Chakra p39, Vitality Belt p92
Miniatures Handbook: Marshall p11, Powerful Charge p27
Player’s Handbook: Feats p90-91
Player’s Handbook II: Dragon Shaman p11 Inspiration

Not included, but possible for this build:
Commander Auras – Heroes of Battle 77 (Free based on teamplay and DM fiat)
Healing Commander – rank 3, any good: any spell/effect used to heal an ally also grants you a free action rally check to improve morale.

Taking a 5th level in Dragon Shaman would allow for the ACF in Dragon Magic – Shamanic Invocation. This drops 1 aura and instead gives you any invocation. Beguiling Influence would be the goto for +6 to intimidate. I chose not to take this which would necessitate not taking Marshall first off for a few reasons. Marshall gives you that bonus feat you don’t need to sacrifice to Dragonborn, and the Motivate Charisma bonus applies to all your allies unlike the Invocation. You would net a further +2 to Intimidate w/ the invocation, but it’s not needed in this build. The other option would be Endure Exposure, to give all in your party acid immunity. In the end, not having Nymph’s Kiss, is more of a detriment than having an invocation is a bonus.

About the only metabreath feat worth it would be Clinging Breath. It does half the damage of the initial breath in the following round, but also allows another save. It adds another round to the reload time of your breath weapon. There’s not a huge difference between 1d4 and 1d4+1 rounds, but it’s just not worth it in the long run. A feat for half of 2d6 damage isn’t worth it on a 2-5 round delay.