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Welp, that was abrupt. Irena could swear Nadia was sneaking up on them intentionally sometimes to catch them in the act. She hadn't even heard the front door open. "We're not fighting." She still insists though as she attempts to meet her wives gaze. "The kid and I was just introducing me to-" She pause as Nadia introduces herself. "Anastasia. We were just kidding around really." Irena once again attempts to reach out to ruffle Eliseo's hair before he can pull away.
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Suddenly, a new parent approaches! The response gives her a quick little startle, but Nadia's welcoming greeting is fairly good at setting her at ease. "Er, yes - I mean, no, I'm fine, but I appreciate it."

Okay, perhaps not entirely at ease as she stumbles over her manners. "So, um... I presume Eliseo told you about my, er, situation?" She ventures. Perhaps a little hopefully; she wasn't super eager to explain her woes all over again.
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Irena gets a look like they'll talk more later, but Nadia put it out of her mind for now. "Of course. You must be having such a hard time." Nadia puts down the grocery bags and sits down across from the girl.

"Uh. I never told Irena." Eliseo admits, and gets a withering look from his mom. "She never woke up!" He tries to defend himself.

Nadia sighs and looks at Ana again. "Can you give us a few minutes? Irena and I need to talk briefly."