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Thread: The new general "Dominions 5" Thread

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    Well.. no.. its actually not even the case that i got turned on.

    Spoiler: Map of Jomon

    The Ryujin performance were god-like.
    I think i lost around 1 out of 8 in the initial strike against Mictlan, so that war were going well.
    But i made a fatal flaw when i launched them into Marignon's domain, and forgot that
    a) he had Drain 3, so they spellcasting were nerfed.
    b) had his realm overrun by rowing bands of hell blessed flaggelans.
    (Marignon's bless were Awe, regeneration, Undying 10 and Blood Vengeance)
    So a single Ryujin were not enough to take Marignons provinces.

    And yeah sending a lot of troops to support a Ryujin attack would perhaps have helped earlier.
    But the border between our realms were patroled by his titan

    Spoiler: Jorgen Muppet

    So the first army i send after him ran into this ugly guy, and got more or less decimated.
    I tried sending 3 Ryujin with greatswords after him, but they failed.
    And before i could gather a stronger force to try again, then i were suddenly under attack myself, by Fallen Angels.
    Spoiler: Fallen

    So a lot of Dragons suddenly have their hands full kicking those off my land.

    Going for the scattered thrones were not an issue though. We had 24 throne points, and 18 is required to win.
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