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I was making a joke... Elan, Haley and Durkon are clearly poor.
I'd argue it's not 100% clear in Haley's case- her dad was a high-level rogue with guild connections, so even after reasonable deductions for charity he probably had respectable wealth-by-level until he got shipped off to the western continent.

Eugene was definitely pretty rich, though- he was able to afford multiple resurrections for himself and several attempts for Eric, which is what you'd expect from a past adventurer in their mid-to-upper teens, so I'd expect Roy had a fairly comfortable upbringing, at least materially.

Also this is the first time I hear about people charging nobles more. This sounds like something that would get one hanged. Rich people show their wealth by buying stuff that is uselessly fancy, with gold trimming and stuff, not by paying more for the same thing as poor people. I mean you'd only impress the people who were there when you bought it.