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    Default Re: My Little Pony XCIX: Leakier Than A Changeling Bathtub!

    Spoiler: s9e5
    In which Twilight Does A Twilighting.

    Not bad.

    Thought I am a little disappointed Twilight didn't explode quite so much in over-reaction. I mean, sure that's character development, but it's just not quite as funny.

    The preponderance of Spike's "can you beleive I put up with this [excrement]" made it all worthwhile.

    Of course, the real star of the show was the guest appearance of Best Pony. (With dialogue! Yaaaaaay!)

    (And also Moondancer cameo.)

    Overall, while not a massive strong episode, I also didn't have any complaints about it and it had a bit of an early-season feel, I think. While a little predictable, the execution was fine and the fact that it was clearly Twilight grabbing the idiot ball (and Spike knowing she'd grabbed the idiot ball) made that less of a problem.)
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