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    Alright, so, an update here. Because I did update things before sending it to friends to review: Some Changes Were Made!

    Actually a lot of changes were made. So letís get through them, patch-notes style!

    General fluff fixing: Jank has been changed and/ or removed and/ or rewritten. The class as a whole should read a lot better and less schizophrenically than before.

    Spoiler: General class rebalancing

    Bonded Communication: Seemed a bit easy to exploit as a level 1 multi-way interconnected network communication device. Basically since it gives your party in general telepathy with one another, it got slightly nerfed. This feature now requires a bonus action to use, meaning its out-of-combat utility should still be preserved, but it should be slightly more costly for, say, the party Observant guy to accurately pinpont and transmit the location of an invisible foe.

    Natural Healer: This had the opposite problem from the above ability, namely that at low levels it had such a negligible effect as to be commonly forgotten. At levels 1-8 this only provided +1 HP to healing, and even at later levels it just didnít feel impactful, leading to this feeling mostly like a dead ability. To alleviate this, the ability has instead become your characterís full proficiency bonus at higher levels.

    This does mean that Crimson Revelry can potentially max out at 13 HP instead of the 10 it was locked to before (once reaching level 17, and picking up the +Con enhancement), however, at that level healing 13 HP really isnít all too insane, as barbarians are likely resisting somewhere in the ballpark of 30-40 damage a round (thatís damage resisted, without rage they would be taking 60-80), and your paladin can bring your squishy back from 0 HP to max. Thus, the classís self-sustainability being buffed when it doesnít have the healing capabilities of the Paladin and is taking damage for allies instead of resisting everything but psychic is something Iím not too worried about.

    Bonded Resurgence: As a near-capstone ability that requires the use of your reaction (which a Bloodsworn has a LOT of potential uses for), and which emulates a 4th level non-concentration spell (Death Ward), this is something that needed to be usable a bit more often to make it feel like it wasn't wasted. So this feature has become 1/ long or short rest instead of just 1/ long. Still limited, but your ďstandardĒ 5e adventuring day could see 2-3 potential uses of it.

    Spoiler: Enhancements Changes

    Crimson Intellect: The first major change, this ability has been changed in function entirely. Now instead of being advantage against living enemies, it functions more like a paladinís smite. However, the resource you expend are Hit Dice, and you add the die and your Con mod to the damage roll, instead of getting progressively more dice to roll. This is one change that made the buff to Natural Healer more necessary, as there are now multiple ways to spend your hit dice outside of short rests and personal healing, so buffing the benefit you can get outside of hit dice healing early and mid game became more necessary.

    Replenishing Pool (originally Deep Pool) Now grants 2 additional d12 hit dice and replenishes all expended hit dice at the end of a long rest. While this is powerful, and this class will admittedly be taking a lot of damage over the course of the day, there are only a few subclasses or builds that would even want this feature. For the most part: Pure tanks picking up all of the enhancements to expend their hit dice, sanguine blades that want a few extra ďsmiteĒ dice, and blood lords and the racial subclasses that expend hit dice for power.

    But, even for these builds, it is only a small boost over-all, and outside of these builds the extra healing this feature provides can be covered by the party and not require the use of short rests, which you canít always take in a stressful situation. (Again, that Natural Healer buff affects this enhancement, but in this case makes it less necessary.)

    Speaker of Blood: The active component (ally can move 10 feet as your bonus action) no longer requires verbal commands, as Bonded Communication can be assumed to make the coordination instinctual instead of something you have to holler at them.

    Bonded Maneuvers: Was... weird. And sort of hard to make work. Now, any blood bonded ally within your reach does not provoke opportunity attacks for as long they remain within your reach. Giving you some utility to potentially extract allies from a bad situation by moving close to them.

    Vital Resonance: This got changed from a small, flat bonus to damage to advantage on melee attack rolls against enemies engaged with one of your blood bonded allies. Basically a melee-only Pack Tactics or the totem Barbarianís level 3 wolf totem, but it only works for your own attacks. Pointless for a kobold, who has the superior pack tactics already.

    Exultant Slaughterer: The number of hit dice recovered has been raised up to 6/ Long Rest, as the number of subclasses that might actually want to use this feature (blood lord, exemplar of humanity, sanguine blade) all have a lot more ways to expend their hit dice. This is still only 1/ long rest, however, and still requires you to actually kill a creature.

    Unbroken Heart: Gives +4 con and sets con max to 24. Because it doesnít add to your offense, this class takes a lot more damage at this level if played supportively, and the. Barbarian still has a stronger level 20 capstone, since it also increases Strength by that amount and they get I N F I N I T E. R A G E. Itís stronger than before, but only serves as a tankier build (so Immortal or Blood Lord) or a generalist build that doesnít want one additional enhancement of each lower level. It also does not change the potential class playstyle like Slaughterer or Perfect Self can, so just being more reliably powerful and simple is something that should be a point in favor of this change.

    Spoiler: Subclasses

    Blood Lord
    • Gained Expanded Pool at level 3, which increases base d12 hit dice by 1/2 prof mod. This is because almost everything the subclass does requires expending at least one hit die, and I did not want Replenishing Pool to feel necessary for this subclass (now itís just nice to have and effectively makes the extra hit dice into spell slots).
    • Infest Corpse now requires expending 1 hit die. The disease portion only explicitly affects hostile creatures, allies have nothing to fear.
    • Bloody Hold: A new level 10 ability that requires expending 2 hit dice to potentially inflict paralysis on any number of creatures within 20 feet of you (Con save negates, Str save ends). Specifically worded to work on non-living entites as well as living.
    • Blood Rites: Replaced Aneurysm (thank lord,) a new ability that allows you to desecrate a corpse and learn up to 3 things that the creature knew. A ribbon ability, but a good one.

    • Diehard: Changed from not going down at 0 HP to instead granting 5 temp HP at the end of a long/ short rest for each blood bonded ally within 60 feet. This gives a small but important HP buffer that should make the immortal better at using their blood bonds, or at least less hesitant to do so. Should also encourage party cohesion and not letting an ally die, since both make more temp HP in the long run!
    • Immortal Endurance:[/b] New feature that gives +1 max HP/ Bloodsworn level and barbarian unarmored AC. Because the immortal takes the most damage.
    • Undying: Got the language of Diehard added in, effectively leaving a capstone immortal unchanged. However, instead of falling unconscious after succeeding on 3 failed death saving throws, the immortal regains 1 hit point. A flavorful and suitably powerful capstone ability, I would hope.

    Sanguine Blade
    • Cruor Blade: Triggers the opportunity attack for non-withdrawl movement through spaces in reach, instead of being just when a creature enters reach.
    • Butcherís Cunning: New feature, grants Crimson Intellect (or another level 5 enhancement) to the sanguine blade for free. Because SSSSSSSMITE!
    • Bonded Assault: Changed the expanded crit range on your weapons portion to just a flat damage bonus to your weapon attacks alone (1/ prof).Should be less swingy and encroach on the Champion Fighterís ONE THING less.
    • Draining Blade: You can now change the energy type each time you draw your weapon. Still only between Positive and Negative, though.

    Also, all the mechanics for the racial subclasses are done! So there. Yay. Check those out.
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