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The only problem was staying the the proper order? - They were lucky.

There's a story that one English University (I think) was sending a program on punched cards to the USA, but it did nto work when it arrived. They tried multiple attempts to send it, different pacakaging etc., but eventually they resorted to physcially following the package - all was well until the US customs removed a random selection of cards to destructively test for drugs...

Actually what makes me doubt this story is that they must have tried numbering the cards to see if they were getting re-ordered somehow, and they should have noticed the missing numbers when checking the card order.
Ah, my long days of reading the Risks Digest bear fruit.

There was a US to France Company transfer where French Customs were extracting sample cards from the middle of a program, and there was an example where an Austrialian Customs Official dropped and mixed a box of punched cards.