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Given its recent resurrection, I'm going to call zoning into Atlas Park in City of Heroes after 6 years, seeing the massive statue and hearing that little bit of music that just sounds so triumphant isn't leaving my memory anytime soon.
Welcome back, City of Heroes - for however long it will last.

- For me, one of the things I can remember is, in Bioshock, seeing the board with all the pictures on it and 'would you kindly' scrawled across it. That was when I had to sit back, go 'wait, what?' and really think about what had been going on.

- the second map in Doom 3, when you only have the dinky pistol and a flashlight. You can hear the security forces making fighting retreats all over the map through your radio, hearing people getting murdered and/or turned into zombies and there is nothing you can do about it. Then, as your radio starts to get quieter and quieter are there are fewer people fighting back, and you are stumbling lost through this burning and falling apart facility, a freaking imp crawls through a broken ladder to launch itself at your face. Say what you will about the overall quality of that game, that second level was freaking terrifying.

- playing Duke Nukem 3d, and in the first level realizing that you are in a street in a ruined city that ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE A STREET IN A RUINED CITY. After Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake, whose level designs were never particularly immersive, seeing an actual city in a shooter game blew my mind

- when you return the healer's lost wedding ring in Quest for Glory, and the old woman just tackles you and gives you a huge hug and kiss in thanks. Not only do you feel like a real hero for the first time, but your on-screen avatar looking embarrassed and just awkwardly sidling out of the room afterwards while the narration snarks at you is just fantastic.

- the firs time I accidentally sailed over a reef in Sid Meier's Pirates! and actually tore a hole in the bottom of my boat and it sank! The music and art as you wash ashore on the reef, just looking at the sunset and feeling like a fool, made me honestly inspired to learn how to sail for real and do better. (Also, how many games make you learn the best points of sail for different rigs of ships or have you use an actual navigation device and the freaking height of the sun to make you find your latitude - which you will then have to mark on the actual paper map of the Caribbean the game came with? I learned SO MUCH from that game.)