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    Default Re: Unimportant 'Language Missuses' 2: Mother May II

    Quote Originally Posted by veti View Post
    Objection! William's people were vassals of the Duke of Normandy, not the King of France. To claim that they owed allegiance to France as some sort of superior obligation to that of Normandy - would very likely have earned you a one-way ticket to an execution. (It's one of the things that got Joan of Arc into so much trouble, a few hundred years later.)
    That is only true insofar as that the concept of France did not exist yet. However if you asked those people wether they we’re vassals to the king of France, they would have said yes, as their duke, William, was a vassal to the king. If you find that insufficient to be French then there were [i]no[\i] French had the time as Normandy wasn’t more independent or culturally distinct than Champagne or Artois.
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