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Thread: D&D 5e Subclass Contest Chat Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoleMage View Post
    If you can provide a description or link to the portions of the class that are being Borrowed, it will be allowed.

    EDIT: That said, it is preferred to provide a whole base class when using homebrew.

    Well, the first 3.x/PF version is long since mechanically complete. The Mythos version had some basic language that I never could get quite right. The fluff, at least for the mythos version, is a messily written, mostly because I kept struggling with how to pound into the reader's head what they were all about sufficiently that they would stop bringing up things like the complexity and/or lack of offense/impressiveness.

    Relevant themes:
    -Debuff yourself to buff your allies.
    -Opportunity Attacks (may or may not include this aspect).
    -Outside of combat healing (Might not be doing anything with this, and if I do it might just be adding Prayer of Healing to the spell list... but there IS something I could throw in basically verbatim from the class.)

    I'll summarize some of the abilities of the unpublished work-VERY-MUCH-in-progress (and yet playtested from levels ~3 to 11.) 5e version that I am considering drawing from:
    -Warding Bond that provides no numerical bonuses, lasts only a single round, but is at-will*.
    *Yes, I know that this is discouraged in 5e... my Domain will stay away from this much more than the class does/will do.
    -Spend your action and reduce your movement to 0 for the round to grant 1 round of Haste to an ally.
    -Lose your class bonus to AC (Cha. Mod.) to grant it to an ally, or, at higher levels, to grant it -2 to all allies in a radius.
    -Lose proficiency with a certain number of saves (how many varies with level, note that the class is proficient with all saves*) to grant your proficiency bonus to all saves by allies within 10', and half that to allies from further than that, but within 30'.
    *Daring, I know, and, again, not going to be putting this in the Domain. There I'll just use Disadvantage/Advantage.
    -Since most of the classes casting is Bonus Action for 1 round effects, they don't need to worry about Concentration checks. If I use this theme, I would do it as Advantage on Concentration on spells that target your allies, but which you don't target yourself with (probably will need a clause about being able to choose when casting, say, Beacon of Hope to not gain its benefits yourself.
    -Spend a short rest playing Florence Nightengale. You get no benefits from the rest, but Cha. Mod. allies get to roll each hit-die they spend twice, and add them together (including the Constitution modifier).
    -Cha. Bonus extra reactions each round that can only be used for opportunity attacks (basically 3.x Combat Reflexes feat, but charisma based). +Cha. Mod. to-hit with opportunity attacks and +class level to damage (might be too much in most 5e games, but it seems to work in the one I am playing in, and the 3.x versions could go up to triple class level for damage.). Going to hew a lot closer to the 5e paladin smite (IE fueled with spell slots, and trying to take into account that Clerics have more slots than Paladins) for the Domain.
    Between the links and the listings, is that a sufficient level of detail?

    EDIT: I'm thinking of allowing dexterity to substitute for wisdom for Bolt of Resilient Guidance or whatever I called it, because the Archetype is looking a little M.A.D. You might end up with cleric builds that dumpstat all mental ability scores(with Wis>Cha>Int still), but... eh, why not?
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