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Personally, i'd like to see some of the complexity added back into the game. If im a wizard, let me charm people into liking me, or even mind control them to make them outright my minion if im good enough at magic. If im a martial, give me more equipment options than just light and heavy armor and one and two handed weapons. Let me wear a breastplate over leather, make it harder to be stealthy in glass armor, interesting things like that.
Re: charm spells, me too, but I think that gets somewhat tricky. Effectively what you're asking for is content which would only be available to characters which acquire certain skills or abilities. It's definitely doable in a non-voiced/animated affair, since you're effectively just writing some extra dialogue, but in the modern triple-A landscape, that's a very hard sell. You're effectively asking for a significant chunk of your game budget to be dropped into Easter eggs.

The armor thing could probably be modded into Skyrim right now, if someone were to do enough work. It's just adding more models, and more slots on which to wear those models. Of course, if each new piece becomes another substrate on which to stick an enchant, you could break the game pretty quickly, not that that's very hard with an Elder Scrolls game to begin with.

One of the things I really like about Skyrim's approach to itemization is how it's possible to make a viable armor set out of anything, so you can get the look you want. Taken to its logical conclusion, maybe the right thing is to completely divorce your armor's appearance and it's effect on your statistics. I've always been someone lukewarm on the D&D legacy of the 100% magical wardrobe. If you go back to the literary antecedents of fantasy, magic items are rare and special, and having every single piece of gear convey some kind of mystical benefit definitely gives the game's magic much more of a commodity feel.