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    Okay, so I'm getting further along in making my animal companion. The story behind Cinder is that she's a Clydesdale with a bit of Nightmare blood in her that makes her hellishly difficult to train, but Vogun helped raise her from a foal and worked hard to make her a proper steed for his lord. When his lord died in battle, his widow had a number of things she couldn't bear having around the house - largely, some of the surgical equipment that reminded her of why her husband went to war in the first place, and the beautiful black steed Cinder who'd seen him through it - so she gave them to Vogun to take away when he left the house.

    ...on to mechanical stuff. I've taken the Mount talent twice for Vogun, so he'll be starting with a 3 HD animal companion, and I would like to know how that interacts with the rule changes as was previously mentioned. Additionally, the Mount Talent replaces "share spells" with Light Armor Proficiency as a bonus feat, but I'd like to ditch lame armor proficiency, given the setting, in favor of something that is less "training" and more "inheritance": I'd like to give up the armor in exchange for my horse counting as a native outsider, like just enough Nightmare blood to be more than an animal, but still decidedly of the material plane. It makes the horse special beyond being the animal companion of a special person, and seems like the kinda thing legends can be built around (which is what we're going for, if the title is any indication). The big potential issue here is...Outsider type grants Darkvision, and I know you were careful about which races get that.

    EDIT: If it helps, I've been glancing through the Animal Companion archetypes, and one of the common things for "touched by some other creature type" ones is that while they can still be Handle Animal'd, the DC is 5 higher, which actually fits the story I had in mind. That penalty could help balance out the gains, if you're leery.

    Edit 2: **** outsider HD are actually really good...hrm...
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