Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't thought of shifting some of the ability to themes, which does sound workable. I might have an at-will swap as a base racial power, then let themes cover the swaps for encounter/daily/utility.

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I think it would probably be behind the stronger races (things like dragonborn, tiefling, genasi, and revenant) that got extensive support, but would be miles ahead of weaker races.
That's especially useful. This would be for a game which only uses my homebrewed races -- no dragonborn and tiefling, but no gnome or gnoll, either. The other races I've designed are more powerful than typical PHB races, thanks in part to the feat support I'm implementing. I'm not bothering to write up feats that are less useful than the average of what's been published, and many are stronger. I feel that every build choice should have visible impact.

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They also have a lot of flexibility between levels, since afaict you're saying that anything they power swapped would be freely retrainable on level up, as the standard power swap feats are. So you could potentially freely retrain half of your powers every level up, in addition to the normal level up retrain.
Ah. No, I meant that you could choose one of those swaps as your one-per-level retrains, rather than being stuck with the early-game choice forever. I'll clarify that in the final writeup.