House Sansone Buys Out the Market
In a prepared statement Duke Stefano Sansone announces the collaboration of the Sansone Ministry of Science with the Okeke Explorer's League to restabilize the gates in the Gade system in order to ensure the safe passage of all ships travelling to and from the system. House Sansone and House Okeke also enter into a defensive pact to better protect their joint warp gate work.

He expresses gratitude that there were crews willing to face the dangers of the gates in order to bring aid to the people of Gade, and regrets all the lives lost. House Sansone will pay the full cost of all ships and cargoes lost so far as well as match any life insurance that the lost crews took out.

In order to prevent further loss of life Duke Sansone swears that House Sansone will out of its own stores deliver any aid being sent to the Gade system in exchange for the cargoes of the aid ships that would otherwise go through. This offer will continue until such a time as the gates are stabilize to at least Category 1.

House Sansone has also cancelled all of its freight orders, imposed a punitive tariff on all imports for private citizens, and implores the Zaqaru Dynasty to stop sending ships to their doom.

Spoiler: House Sansone to the Zaqaru Dynasty [Enigma 6]
We reject your war declaration as we are already repairing the gates and owe the Greenflames no reparations when their services were brought by the Zaqaru as mercenaries.

Spoiler: House Tehrani to the Duchy of Lyrae [Enigma 6]
The monks will require safe passage for their vessels as well as guaranteed rights to refueling and repair at your ports. They will ask to study your archives, but this is not required.

Spoiler: House Vastadd to House Greenflame [Enigma 4]
We would rather not antagonize the Democratic Collective. Certainly your fleets are powerful enough to ward them away, but ours are not. And your fleet seems to be engaged in other sectors these days.

Spoiler: Earl Varrais de Pantou to the Zaqaru Dynasty [Enigma 3
]Dear Meta Zaqaru,

The terms are agreeable with the caveat that the terms of item 3 continue through the awarding of the Countess title. In exchange item 5 can be removed.

Early Varrais de Pantou

Spoiler: The Hildalgo
1. Yterrubus
2. Zaqaru
3. Tatarus
4. Barlow
5. Greenflame
6. Independent