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    Default Re: Whatever Happened To Good Sportsmanship And Respect In Games?

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    Not to mention that in a lot of sports there are huge amounts of money involved and if there is one thing that corrupts, it's money.

    The only competitions where I've seen a player say he made an error even if the ref hadn't seen it, is snooker. And even there, especially in the big tournaments, there's quite some money involved.
    This is very true. Cricket is another good example of this effect - the umpires do call "unsportmanlike conduct" at the professional level (and players receive bans for it) but it is clear that the more professional the level, the less sporting the play. The classic example in cricket is the phenomenon of "walking" - if the batter hits the ball and it is caught by a fielder the batter is 'out' and has to 'walk' back to the dressing room. It used to be expected that the batter would automatically admit if he (or she) hit the ball and walk without waiting for the umpire to give them out; this now is very very rare in professional games (and will get the batter in trouble in some teams). There are actually a few good reasons for waiting for the umpire's decison - e.g. the ball may not have been a 'legal delivery' so the batter may not be out - but in general the commentators are still critical of batters who don't walk - the comment being "you know when you have hit the ball", interestingly I reckon the increasing use of technology is showing this statement to be false - batters don't always know when they have hit the ball (and very occasionally think they hit it when they probably did not!)

    There are exceptions - there are often stories of exceedling unsporting behaviour at all levels of play (though correct by the rules of the game), but there are also plenty of accounts of proper sporting behaviour at the top levels of play.
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