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    Quote Originally Posted by Comrade View Post
    That's awesome!

    The diet can honestly be the toughest part of staying fit so if you've got that part down then you're on a pretty good track already. As for exercising with a disability, tough to offer advice without knowing just what it is, although generally speaking, I would second the suggestion of a trainer who specializes in working with disabilities.

    On my end: I hit 158lb as of my last weigh-in, which is my all-time high. This is the most I've ever weighed in my life. Not sure why that's such a weird thought to me. That was a week and a half ago, too, so it might be more now-- I'm hoping to hit an even 160 by Friday.

    Lifts are increasing as well. On my last chest day I managed to bench 225lb for a fairly clean 2 reps, so I'd like to try and hit 250lb for my one rep max next time.
    That is impressive work! I know you have struggled to gain weight so it is impressive you have gotten up there.

    Benching my entire body weight is even more impressive, congrats man.

    Diet wise what have you been doing?
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