Zezirs are 9 RHD magical beasts. Their ability scores are pretty good for a medium-sized critter: +8 to all physical stats, +2 to wisdom and charisma, and -4 intelligence. Zezirs have a rather mediocre chassis. The fire subtype, fast healing 6, and free endurance and run give some okay benefits, but it's not exactly impressive.

The zezirs' special attacks don't help much either. Flammable spray is a low-damage AoE that causes some damage over time if there's fire in the area, while Spark Stream is an artificial way of making that fire appear. The latter is horribly handicapped by taking up an entire standard action and not doing anything except light stuff on fire, though.

Would this be an okay PC? Perhaps at a lower (waaaay lower) ECL, they would be. As they are now, a 9 HD meatbag with fire abilities that compare badly to a low-level evoker's just is not worth playing. -0 LA.

The first MM3 monster, the ambush drake, was reviewed a little more than a year ago. Today, the book is completed. I'd like to thank everyone whose past and continued support helps make this thread possible.

XPH is up next, as from what I've seen it has the most popular support here.