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    [Seeking Help]

    Irena resists the urge to sigh and/or roll her eyes. She hadn't done anything besides lightly throw a pillow at the kid. How was that worth an lecture?
    "I was awake." She insists in turn as she turns to Eliseo. "You can just knock on the door kiddo, I'm in bed playing games. You should know this by now." She have resigned herself to listen to her wife explaining whatever tragic backstory this kid had though.

    Looking at her own kid, she couldn't help but wonder why he was acting more like her than Nadia despite not even being related to her. She must be rubbing off on people.
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    Seeking Help

    "It has been... difficult." She brushes the parted sweep of her bangs back somewhat, less out of irritation than nervous habit, before nodding. "Of course, it-it's no trouble at all." She winces minutely at her own choice of words. No trouble at all? As if she had the privilege to complain that the couple might be troubling her. She was a guest, invited by their son, not themselves, and came here to ask for their aid. If anything, she was troubling them.
    [Seeking Help]

    Nadia smiles at Ana and then guides Irena to the kitchen. Once there she sighs and leans against the counter. "So... Anastasia's parents... died in the invasion." She frowns. "So she's in pretty dire straits. Honestly I'm not sure how to approach this."

    Meanwhile Eliseo rolls his eyes as they leave. "I did knock. Believe me I'd hear her if she was playing games."
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