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I think you're overstating charm person a touch. It doesn't change your mind or your very essence.
Yes, it most certainly does.

It makes you marginally more amiable to the person who cast it.
No, it makes you think the person who cast it on you is a friendly acquaintance. That can be a much bigger effect than making you marginally more amiable to them.

And regardless of the size of the effect, it is still changing your mind and the very essence of who you are. Someone you didn't like, or didn't know, is now your friendly acquaintance.

Heck, while it does make it a bit easier to talk you into something you're not that opposed to anyway, it has 0 chance of someone talking you into something you absolutely would not do.
While I agree that many people treat the Charm Person spell as if it is more powerful than it is, if that were true, there would be no need for the spell. If I absolutely would not do something for a stranger but would for a friendly acquaintance, and you are a stranger that casts the spell on me so that I will do it for you, then I've done something that I absolutely would not do. And it can stop a creature from attacking you.

Heck, if you hate someone such that they'd have disadvantage in talking you viewing anything they say in a favorable light, charm person would only get you back to an even chance.
How so? I don't hate my friendly acquaintances, so any disadvantage imposed by that would be forgotten.