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Thread: Proper Reaction to Charm Person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jh12 View Post
    The spells are entirely different mechanically. With a Charm spell you invade my mind and affect my being. With an Enhance Ability (Charisma) you are affecting your own self.
    And mechanically the impacts of both spells are 'you have advantage on charisma checks'. They're still 'drugging' you into liking them - they're just using pheromones rather than slipping something into your drink.

    Quote Originally Posted by jh12 View Post
    How so? I don't hate my friendly acquaintances, so any disadvantage imposed by that would be forgotten.
    An acquaintance who you still remember has in the past used mind altering magic on you. Disadvantage plus advantage cancels out to a regular check.

    Quote Originally Posted by FaerieGodfather View Post
    That's the problem. You're only viewing the injury in terms of what the caster violated the victim's mind to accomplish.

    The injury is violating the victim's mind in the first place.
    If someone shoots me in the leg as part of a bank robbery in which they murdered several people they have committed a number of horrible crimes and I will likely be very angry at them. Would I quit my job, become a bounty hunter and start going to night school to learn the law so I can catch them, prosecute them and then try and become a prison guard so I can make their life hell in prison? Probably not. I'd probably just give my evidence to the police and then get on with my life. This isn't saying the person didn't do a bad thing, it's just that I have other stuff going on in my life which is more important to me than that.

    Again I'm not arguing people wouldn't be angry - I'm just saying the statement that anyone who has Charm Person cast on them will make it their personal mission to hunt the caster down and murder them regardless of what the Charm was used for seems like an overly extreme position to take. People have jobs and families and a million other responsibilities which would be more important to them than personally hunting down and murdering the guy who conned them out of 10 gold.
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