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Thread: Proper Reaction to Charm Person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaerieGodfather View Post
    That's the problem. You're only viewing the injury in terms of what the caster violated the victim's mind to accomplish.

    The injury is violating the victim's mind in the first place.

    Same way that drugging someone's glass while they weren't looking is violating, even if you don't do anytjhing else to them.

    OP, if you want an impression of how in-universe such spells are handled, the Waterdeep's Legal Code has several mentions of the punishments a waiting those who mess with people's mind. They're pretty heavy.

    Also, on a different subject, I don't think doing something like Harry Potter and the Natural 20 would work for 5e

    HPatN20 is built on the absurdity of 3.5 munchkinry and rule-lawyering. 5e is SPECIFICALLY built on the assumption that the DM's call trumps anything the book says, and that DM should rule reasonably (which depends on what their table wants/like).

    So either you'd be reducing 5e to "3.X once more", which 5e is not and it'd be nice to not see this misconception be spread, or you're losing the HPstN20 humor that isn't from the "fish out of water" elements of the usual crossover jokes based on referre cing the different works' events.
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