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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread: Making monster PCs VI-able

    Aboleth, Psionic

    A new book! We're starting off with a variant of the very first monster rated here: the aboleth!

    The classic MM1 aboleth was assigned +2 LA (looking at how the thread has developed, I can't help but feel that number would be lower if it got re-examined), for its combination of SLAs and save-or-sucks as well as okay melee potential.

    The psionic aboleth, meanwhile, doesn't differ a lot from its nonpsionic counterpart. It has a new subtype, it loses Enslave, and it gets a bunch of PLAs in return. Those are roughly equivalent to its default form's in terms of power and versatility (with Psionic Dominate making up for the loss of Enslave), and based on that I might be inclined to just give this +2 too and call it a day.

    However, as said before, by current standards the default aboleth would probably be closer to +1 or +0, which'd mean that's a more fitting assignment for the psionic aboleth too. On the other hand, that'd create a weird situation where two basically-equivalent monsters are at wildly different LAs.

    Therefore, a question for all of you. Should we:

    -Assign LAs based on current norms, even if that creates inconsistencies. (psi!aboleth gets +0/+1)
    -Assign LAs based on older similar creatures. (psi!aboleth gets +2)
    -Assign LAs based on current norms and update older creatures to be more in line with those norms. (psi!aboleth gets +0/+1, and so does regular aboleth)

    After seeing community feedback, option 3 was pretty much uniformly decided on. +1 LA for psiboleth, same for its arcane twin.
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