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Right. I think that's the thing here.

It doesn't make the person see you as a close friend, just as a 'friendly acquaintance’.
Not to be disrespectful, but it seems that you’ve made up your mind regardless of what other people are writing (and count me among those who consider Charm Person as a serious offence which would lead a rash and reckless person to form a posse to beat the hell out of a person who pulled it).

Charm person is actively messing with someone’s mind. People generally take an extremely dim view of that.

The fact that you can achieve a similar effect with different spells that don’t mess with someone’s mind is completely irrelevant. This is akin to saying that if a friend would probably lend me 40$, he would not have a problem with my picking his pocket and just taking 40$ out of his wallet. One way is asking for a favor. The second is a massive betrayal.