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Thread: What plot twist most disappointed you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hroşila View Post
    I think you're wrong about this. While it's true that we didn't see the vampire being moved by Durkon's memories as such, we did see him taking a particular interest in them beyond what was immediately useful for his purposes, to the point that all the mockery could be construed as the vampire pretending he hadn't become emotionally invested. We saw him wishing to avenge Durkon on the other dwarves. We also saw him picking up Durkon's speech patterns. Another big clue was Malack completely blurring or removing the line between himself and his mortal host, talking about his host's relationship with his brothers as if it had been his own. OOTS vampires are not devoid of feelings, it would seem.

    It's true that there was a considerable gap between what I described above and the vampire's catatonic state during the fight, and I can see why some readers would feel it doesn't work. Personally I thought it worked very well, but yours is not an unreasonable point of view.
    Thank you for your reasoned reply, you also make a reasonable argument for why you think it works and where foreshadowing was presemt. I guess I am a firm believer in setting up things for your readers in the comic itself, and I felt that it was not done throughout enough to adequately foreshadow the outcome. We needed more small victories for Durkon, mental skirmishes that paralleled the Order whittling down the vampires, down to some kind of two-way coup de grace between Durkon within and the Order without. That would have been gripping and intense, allowing Durkon to aid his comrades, regain his freedom, and truly grow beyond his tragic past, without the rest of the order being so unceremoniously crushed. Frankly, my disappointment is that Durkon and the Order deserved a better climax than what they actually got.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    You mean somethin’ like like that?

    Also being a master manipulator has never been part of Hel’s characterization, she is indeed quite the impulsive dolt who doomed her own plan by gloating prematurely as Loki reminded us. But she doesn’t need to be one to predict how people will vote in a vote they have held literal billions of times before.
    As you and hroşila note, there was some foreshadowing for Durkon's impact on the Vampire, and I concede that point to you. I still feel that promising plotline was insufficiently developed. I honestly cannot see why such a self-absorbed creature would care about what Sigdi did - the comparatively more "reasonable" Malack had no regrets for having eaten his host's brothers, even as he mourned his "children," and later sought to make more (his vampirism was a genuinely great plot twist, by the way - he was a great villain, much as is Redcloak - the banality of evil makes for the best villains in my opinion).

    As for Hel... I honestly have no idea about how to reconcile her apparent stupidity and her ridiculously complicated plan (dependent as it is on specific events happening in a specific fashion). Either she's a brilliant chessmaster who can roll with obstacles and setbacks, or she's an unbelievably lucky idiot... and as you note, she really comes across as more of a lucky idiot. As a death goddess who holds sway over the Dwarves by default, she really should be more of a threat than in fact she is...
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