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Thread: What plot twist most disappointed you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post
    Are any of them playing dwarven spellcasters capable of casting charm? Because the "obvious solution" you've offered doesn't seem to work generically.

    And of course, what are the chances that the one dwarf in your gaming group capable of casting charm manages to survive on their own, with one single low-level charmed dwarf by his side, against the onrush of all the other guards? And how does that "obvious solution" in any way alter the result of the vote?

    In short: you are deluding yourself into thinking that it is easier than it is. Most players don't play vampires, because they are OP in this specific situation.

    Grey Wolf
    Its not about how easy it is, but about how obvious the loophole is. Rolling 256 20s in a row is also not easy. Still a stupid loophole.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    If it doesn't matter how unlikely I think it is, then to play fair it doesn't matter how obvious you think it is (as GW also helpfully demomstrates). To compund on that, the council very likely rules (or ruled) on more than just Godsmoot tiebreakers, and as the Exexarch pointed out, it was possibly designed in a way to game that system. That the stakes were never expected to be as high as "this can end the world" is hardly their fault. If I design a home security system, I'm not going to be basing it off the idea that it will one day be a safe house for the FBI, I'm going to base it off that the Joneses picked the Silver Plan.
    The "you" in my statement is misplaced there, my apologies. I was not trying to devalue your opinion, just wanted to say that it doesnt really matter what anyone thinks how unlikely it is, thus there is no value in discussing it. The point is not "my opinion" vs "your opinion", but "unlikely" vs "obvious and easy to fix".
    Leaving obvious loopholes in that are easy to fix is just stupid of Dvalin, and not a sign of hyperintelligence.
    The security system is already extremely complex and expensive, so they must assign a lot of value to its security. So anyone with half a brain that actually wants it secure should at least invest an absolute tiny minimum of effort to close the open loopholes. Doesnt matter what you actually want to secure it against.

    I like the Exarchs explanation that its on purpose... its a good explanation for the actual loopholes. But that doesnt excuse Dvalins to rely on such obvious flaws.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kish View Post
    To be verified--with no magic required--how exactly?
    The vote does not magically force Dvalin to do anything. He swore an oath to obey the will of the clans when he was alive. Its only his decision to still follow this oath and only his decision to accept the vote of dwarfs that are dominated by vampires as "will of the clans". No magic involved here. The only thing that is required is a rule that a tampered vote doesnt count. Which should be obvious for a lawful being anyway.
    As for how he knows that the vote would be tampered with: in this specific case because the vampires already admitted it with lots of witnesses. In general because even the lowest demigod can decide to sense everything in 1-mile radius around one his followers, at two locations at once. As soon as there is a vote he can just check if everything is ok.
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