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Thread: Inside 68: Dawn of a New Season (or two)

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    [Docks - Awful Sewer Adventures]

    "I can't conjure flames and I can't handle flame-based weaponry, so of course I don't have anything flame-based on me." Anika puts rather defensively despite the fact no one accused her of anything.
    Maybe she's just jealous of Geneva getting all the action. "I know how to make flame bombs though, I just couldn't gather the material in time." She eyes the others. "Don't suppose any of you have any flasks on you?"

    [Faith's Apartment]

    Faith stared in disbelief at Danial. "You can't be serious."

    He sank down in the kitchen chair. "It's the only way. What the hell do you think will happen if Inside finds out who created the virus? The bad people will focus more on getting 'revenge' than stopping it. You know I'm right."

    "People deserve to know, those racist *******s can't get away with their dangerous incompetence by being too big to fail. I'm a reporter, Danial. You can't ask me to hide the secrets of people that think I'm some kind of monster." She threw up her hands in the air. "I though you were one of the good ones, but here you are defending them."

    His expression darkened. "Now whose throwing around 'us' and 'them'? Do you think the entire city is responsible? Our family included? Since do you think the people that actually let out the plague will get hurt once you tell everyone about this? Give me a break, the people that will suffer are whoever they get their hands on. Since a lot of people in new inside might think that Inside is populated by nothing but monsters, but people here think everyone in new inside are just racists that deserve to die. They don't give a damn about the fact that they might actually support their rights, they will just go and turn the entire city into monsters."

    "You don't know that."

    "Wanna bet? Since even if most people in Inside are nice, the bad people are really bad and they're really powerful. The worst possible combination."

    Faith paused, admitting that he was right felt a bit much, but she couldn't help but to feel he had a point.
    She sat down right beside him. "'re my only source and I can't actually confirm what you're saying anywhere so I'm going to wait with publishing that side of the story. Just until I can get more information and confirm it."

    He nodded. "All I'm asking is that we deal with the virus first, then we can go after the people who created it. They should be the ones taking the blow, not the people of New inside."

    "Yeah, yeah, you made your point, D. I still have so many questions though. Like how you joined the army."

    "I told you, I didn't. I'm a special agent. But you said it yourself, people need to know about the virus as quickly as possible and under these circumstances I'm not even sure you can leave the apartment."

    Faith glanced at her laptop. "Says you, but yeah. I guess I'll start working on the article. You're going to stay here though. I still need a few more words with you..."

    [Inside - BREAKING NEWS]

    A new story is spreading like wildfire through the news sites memetic plague has infected portions of the people of Inside.

    The reporter Faith Sunsworn of the nexus herald, citing a anonymous source, is reporting that the recent string of strange events of murder and unruly behavior on the streets of Inside, including the major events at the spirit of the city, have likely been caused by a mental disease that only spreads to non-humans and similar people without any magical heritage.

    The symptoms are summarized here but its still unknown how the disease spreads exactly. It's theorized that interacting with someone in person, as in seeing and hearing them, is likely the cause of the spread. Citizens are encouraged to stay away from people acting oddly, especially if they are acting like animals or in a general savage ways. If they believe they are in danger of being infected, they should just stay at home and only try to interact with people over the internet.

    {Plot Post 6}
    Previously: Sunset Street - Day time
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