Research Power
Capture some of the tree-hoppers’ eggs to raise the children in captivity as cattle
Gather Food

My next action is for JoJoAnt to start to work on finding the vulnerabilities of an Ant's body and use that to improve his martial art and exploit those weaknesses. He gets a couple volunteers to help him find these weaknesses (NPC or PC, doesn't matter).

Spoiler: Hamon briefing
Ok so you wanted a small briefing of what Hamon is right? Essentially its the use of controlled respiration to increase the metabolism of the user and creating essentially life energy which is basically identical to the energy of the sun in some ways. This can be used for stuff such as accelerating healing, stopping pain, energy infused attacks (you can infuse objects), slowing aging and creating energy pulses which can help you with stuff as bizarre as sticking you to surfaces. However it is reliant on the ability of the user to be able to do the right breathing technique continuously to produce more energy so stuff like pierced lungs or being underwater is a hard counter unless you can somehow breathe and in the specific correct fashion that it requires, breathe wrong and you just don't produce any Hamon. Of course the stuff is pretty powerful but it really depends on the mastery of the user and things such as accelerated healing aren't insane, they are stuff like healing minor non-fatal injuries, maybe bones if you're good enough but it can't go around regenerating limbs or stuff like that. Although it can do stuff like eject foreign materials from your body. It's basically mixing that with martial arts and you have the whole thing done.

I don't expect it to go all the way there right now since we don't have any power traits right now but maybe stuff like very mildly accelerated healing, pain numbing and the basic stuff but even then not too powerful. So like maybe healing cuts and bruises and making stuff like broken bones heal better over time and such but not anything too major. Maybe the equivalent of Zoom Punch? Zoom Punch is basically forcibly disjoining your shoulder and using that to get extra reach for one attack while you use the pain numbing to stop the pain and put the arm back immediately. Yes it's kinda ridiculous so I don't expect much of it to be possible prior to developing some advanced magic powers, I did this mostly as groundwork and see if I can get a thing or two.