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Malee may realize that Emily has an embarassed blush going on. Or she would, if the her blush got through her scales.

When Malee she's her own ID, Emily looks it over, "Cool. Not many 'supernatural hunters' exclusively where I come from. As for my powers though... Well, they're not anything particularly special. Any time I'm hurt, I get a little stronger, a little tougher. It's not much, but as you can see from looking me over, it builds up over the years."
She may not see the blush, but Malee recognizes the facial expression, and grins heartily. "Malee notices how self-depreciating you are. You don't think you're pretty, and now you tell Malee you don't think you're special. Your power is so much better than Malee's, AHAHAHA! You'd make a splendid supernatural hunter partner of Malee's!"

Malee then smiles and nods approvingly, pointing at a spot in her ID before returning it to her pocket. "You see Malee is intersex and yet you don't react. You're one of the good ones! Malee will be friends with you, AHAHAHA!"

Because if she'd reacted negatively, a fight might have broken out.

Malee likes fights.