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Having looked over it more, I feel like starting XP is really small.

One passage in the book (book is at the friend who bought it's house, so can't give a page number) talks about PCs having a characteristic of 4 to start, which takes at least 40% of your starting XP. And, if I recall correctly, it even says they might have a 3 too! Which would take 70% or more.
It's true that at character creation, you'll probably just have a few stat bumps, starting skills, and maybe a talent or two. I can't speak to GENESYS, but FFG Star Wars has "Knight Level Play," which gives you 150 XP extra (no spending it on stats!) and a reasonably large sum of money to play with at character creation.

If you're all new to the system, I really do recommend starting at the base level of XP, though, for the sanity of the GM. Let the GM get used to the system first so the players aren't either spanking every encounter or alternatively wiping every session.