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    You got a problem kid?
    John didn’t quite know who the scary lady was, but she asked the question, so he answered. “Ain’t got no problem, lady. Just… have we met before?” He refrained from asking if she was a Peacekeeper… you know, in case she was a Peacekeeper, which seemed unlikely when she also said she’s here for the job.

    When Tager said he was going to follow John’s lead, John gave a lopsided grin and clapped Tager on the shoulder. “If that’s the case we’re already screwed.”

    The group approached the barkeep. Since the place had cleared out a bit, John mentally commanded his suit to change. The armor changed into what seemed like a liquid metal made up of many many nanomachines. In only a few seconds, the armor had changed into a flight jacket with the same coloring and emblems. And when the barkeep took them down into the cellar and then through a secret door, John followed along.

    He stepped into the conference room and took a quick glance about before locking his eyes on the woman (???) in the purple robe.

    “Nice Speakeasy you got here,” John said, followed by, “Get rich quick schemes are usually too good to be true or come with a biiiig catch. Which one are you selling?”
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