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    Quote Originally Posted by Wogwoggle View Post
    I was about to veto Theurge anyway, I think . I don't think giving the Wizard full access to the Cleric spell list straight-up is particularly balanced, but maybe I'm biased. I'll lift the Elf-only restriction on Bladesinger if that interests you at all. Of course, you still have a level to decide .
    It would just be the ones from one domain, I think, at first at least. But if thetas not where you see your character going, then its a moot point anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wogwoggle View Post
    On another note, I'm going to try to finalize a few more setting details and add them to the OP tomorrow. Just some very brief points, and a little more general info on Port Blacksand and Silverton. I don't want to shovel stuff at you before you even start playing, and anything important should come up while we play.
    Nice. I've done my homework too. After going back and forth on a few things, I think I finalised the details of my character.
    I can confirm his double identity as a watchman and criminal, using whatever identity works best to root out the corruption in the city and finding the culprits of his family downfall.
    Mechanically, I confirmed the Wild Magic archetype on the sorcerer side (we'll see how that goes). On the Warlock side, I chose the Raven Queen (or its equivalent) as Patron: he is a watchman after all, and I guess the RQ herself might have interest enough in what is going on in the city to bless an envoy to be her eyes. As for spells, I confirmed Hex, Shield, Sleep and Sanctuary, making it a mostly nonlethal lineup I guess.
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