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    Quote Originally Posted by iTookUrNick View Post
    It would just be the ones from one domain, I think, at first at least. But if thetas not where you see your character going, then its a moot point anyway.
    Ah, I may have misread it.

    Quote Originally Posted by iTookUrNick View Post
    Nice. I've done my homework too. After going back and forth on a few things, I think I finalised the details of my character.
    I can confirm his double identity as a watchman and criminal, using whatever identity works best to root out the corruption in the city and finding the culprits of his family downfall.
    Mechanically, I confirmed the Wild Magic archetype on the sorcerer side (we'll see how that goes). On the Warlock side, I chose the Raven Queen (or its equivalent) as Patron: he is a watchman after all, and I guess the RQ herself might have interest enough in what is going on in the city to bless an envoy to be her eyes. As for spells, I confirmed Hex, Shield, Sleep and Sanctuary, making it a mostly nonlethal lineup I guess.
    That all looks great to me! The Raven Queen is in the setting, I'm just not sure exactly what form she will take yet. Or rather, I'm not sure what I'll do with the Shadwofell.

    I didn't get to it yet, but I should have some feedback on backstories tomorrow. Don't worry, I like them all! I'd just like to nail down a few details.

    Here is the info on Port Blacksand and Silverton I'm adding to the OP:
    Spoiler: Setting

    Port Blacksand:
    Port Blacksand sits at the point where the Catfish River flows West into the Glimmering Sea. It is built upon the remains of an ancient city, resettled by pirates and brigand-lords some three hundred years ago. Surrounding it are gentle, prosperous plains and mixed woodland.
    Spoiler: DISTRICTS

    North of the Catfish River
    • Execution Hill (NE). This district is named after the bleak windswept square at the top of Gallows Hill. On the south side of the hill the buildings are tightly packed together and roads turn into step flights of steps.
    • Harbour District (NW). This is the oldest district in Port Blacksand with winding, narrow streets and ancient, weather-beaten houses. The narrowness of the streets and overhanging nature of the upper stories of buildings make the streets dark even in the day. Lobster Wharf and Harbour Street are the main thoroughfares.
    • Garden District (N). This district is named after the public gardens which dominate this area of the city. It is a wealthy district with many private houses, some of which are the offices of professional people, including court officials, musicians and artists.

    South of the Catfish River
    • Fish Market District (W). In this district the smell of raw fish permeates the air, worsened in foggy weather. The buildings near the wharf are warehouses with many exotic goods stockpiled in them.
    • Merchant District (SE). This is the heart of Port Blacksand's business district. It runs between the southern side of Market Square and the city walls. Here, you can buy anything. Approaching the palace, the small gloomy shops are replaced by large houses in which dwell the city's richest and most devious merchants.
    • The Noose (S). This is the most notorious district in the city named after its most notorious street. It is most famous as the home of many gangs and criminal organizations. An atmosphere of crime and decay pervades the area. The area has many beggars. The Noose is also the site of the Market Square and during the day this is bustling with traders and customers.
    • Temple District (SW). Here are many of Port Blacksand's temples situated on or near the Street of Temples, a wide, pleasant street. Most of the city's armourers and weapon makers are to be found in this same district, found in the block of buildings formed by the Street of Knives, Cutlass Alley and Dagger Lane. The rest of the area is made up of twisting back streets and alleys.
    • Lady Salancia’s Palace (E). The high minarets of the palace dominate the city skyline, and can be seen many miles inland.

    Spoiler: People and Churches

    • Lady Salancia - Reclusive ruler of Blacksand and head of House Salancia. De facto head of the local Church of At’ar.
    • Lord Roderick of House Rogoan - Very successful, now retired sea captain of dubious repute.
    • Lady Daria of House Valentis - The young head of the most successful merchant family in Blacksand.
    • Lord Marak of House Greysteel - Commander of the City Watch, and head of the oldest noble house in Blacksand.

    • At’ar, The Yellow Goddess (Sun and Shadows, LN) - the ‘official’ deity of Blacksand.
    • Waukeen, Goddess of Trade (Knowledge, Trickery, N)
    • Umberlee/Talos: Pair of Sea and Storms (Tempest, CE)

    Situated some 70 miles SW of Port Blacksand, the prosperous town sits at the crossroads of the major trade routes in the region. It produces high quality pottery and stonework, and is surrounded by rich farmland.
    Spoiler: People and Churches

    • Owen Carralif - Mayor of Silverton (Mirelle, daughter)
    • Ambrus Redbeard, preeminent Dwarven Stonemason
    • Angelica Ruthgar, preeminent Potter
    • Gale Proudfeet, preeminent Halfling Tanner

    Church of Chauntea, goddess of agriculture (Life, NG)
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