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    Here are a few notes on backstories. All the specifics are just suggestions that you are free to use or dismiss as you like. If you'd like to add specifics that I haven't commented on, please go for it (but don't feel you need to). I've got a lot of room to work around anything you come up with.

    Spoiler: Borgrim Wildstrike

    Weapons/attacks you have listed should all be +6 to hit and +4 damage.

    Borgrim was born to the far to the south of Silverton, on the far side of the Redspine Mountains (which mark the border between the human-dominated lands around the Glimmering Sea, and the Orc-lands to the south). He ran off, becoming a farmhand on a ranch, in the foothills of the northern side of the Redspine Mts.
    The Great Beast - some sort of wyvern, perhaps, or leave it unknown?

    Contacts: Ogden, horse trader just outside of Port Blacksand. A portly, ingratiating fellow of advancing middle age with a fondness for strong wine and embroidered cloaks. He has an ear to the ground for various low-level shady goings-on in Blacksand.
    Is Ogden from around Silverton or around Port Blacksand?

    Spoiler: Benedict/Cesar

    Friends, etc.:
    • Sergeant DeAnna Longtooth (Cesar) of the Night Watch, an uncharacteristically even-tempered and level-headed Half-Orc. One of the few non-corrupt watch officers.
    • Private Wallace (Cesar), a naive young watchman, in Sergeant Longtooth’s squad.
      The Guild of Free Traders (Benedict), a semi-anonymous group of traders and craftspeople looking to reform Blacksand.

    • Lord Marak Greysteel (Benedict), Commander of the City Watch, traditionalist and anti-reformer.
    • Various Nobles (Cesar), as yet unknown, responsible for the destruction of Cesar’s family.

    Is Cesar’s stolen family home in Port Blacksand, or one of the many small keeps in the surrounding countryside?
    Is Cesar part of the Day Watch or the Night Watch?

    Spoiler: The Bloody Rose

    Wizards can prepare their level + Int worth of spells, giving you 4 prepared at level 1. Shortsword should be 1d6. Tieflings also know Infernal.

    Born in Riverton, situated on the Catfish River, a few miles east of Port Blackwater?
    The church was likely one of Amaunator, a companion Sun deity to At’ar, but one more focused on purging Evil. Perhaps that was some of why the priest became focused on Rosadon when she began to show her fiendish heritage (more likely that was just his excuse).

    • Mother, has a small hat shop on Weaver St.
    • Uncle, a carpenter on Harbour St.
    • The Knives (mostly deceased), professionals who were more than a match for Cat. Cat procured her grimoire from a dead mage amount their number.
    • The Red Tigers. An association of enforcers and hired muscle that Cat has run into from time to time.

    EDIT: I should be able to get the IC thread up and running sometime this weekend.
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