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"It'd be more than a little hypocritical to get upset at someone for the circumstances of their birth," Emily says smoothly. Honestly, she doesn't really care what's in a person's pants; their heart and their head are much more important as far as determining whether she likes someone goes.

"I really do mean they're nothing special where I come from, though. I knew this one guy that could take a tank shell to the face and be fine. Oh sure, he'd get sent through the nearest wall, but he'd get up and wouldn't even be bruised."
Malee smiles brightly at Emily's words, nodding with respect and agreement. "Thank you, Emily. Truly. Malee is confident in who she is, but like Malee said, people can be so... ugh!" She shakes her head, then puts that aside, after another sip of her drink.

Emily's stories of the powers she's seen interest Malee, and she's obviously listening with interest. "Wow! How do powers work in your world?" She'd return the favour, but right now she's interested in listening to and getting to know Emily. "Is there an upper limit, or...?"