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Spoiler: Borgrim Wildstrike

Weapons/attacks you have listed should all be +6 to hit and +4 damage.

Borgrim was born to the far to the south of Silverton, on the far side of the Redspine Mountains (which mark the border between the human-dominated lands around the Glimmering Sea, and the Orc-lands to the south). He ran off, becoming a farmhand on a ranch, in the foothills of the northern side of the Redspine Mts.
The Great Beast - some sort of wyvern, perhaps, or leave it unknown?

Contacts: Ogden, horse trader just outside of Port Blacksand. A portly, ingratiating fellow of advancing middle age with a fondness for strong wine and embroidered cloaks. He has an ear to the ground for various low-level shady goings-on in Blacksand.
Is Ogden from around Silverton or around Port Blacksand?

Spoiler: Borgrim

Oh - ok =)

Borgrim has no idea what the beast was. Not seen one before or since, and when he's bragged about the deed, no one has spoken with any confidence as to what it might have been. Big, ugly mofo at any rate.

Ogden does his business around Silverton - propably on accord of the fuzz being just slightly cleverer in Blacksand. Also, the bribes are more expensive.