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    Default The Siege Perilous - Stone Age, Tribal Survival [Gurps pathfinder] Prologue

    The Raven and his wife created the world.
    They made the cape of Unjizac out of a beak of an eider duck. The peninsulas they carved of a stone knife. The islands sprang from the dung they tossed. They made the reindeer of their hair and dogs of their nails, sea-water was their urine.

    The tribe used to live further in the north and west. The tribe lived almost completely out of whale and seal on the cold shores. Houses of stone and bone, tents and clothes of seal. Spears of bone or stone. Stone lamps of oil. Fish hooks from bone.

    A child fell ill, with boils. The elders decided that angry spirits were plaguing the child. Old mother picked a drum and beat on it. She chose three men of no importance to go on a spirit-journey. One of them was a strong hunter, who had killed another in rage. One of them was a thief. One of them was a man with an empty heart.

    The three left to placate the spirits. They walked west until they came to shore. There a buzzardfly awaited them and said, go through the pass. There was no pass, but the three dove into the dark waters. Into the shadows they went.

    The buzzardfly joined them in the shadows. They travelled under the waters and then under a rocky island. They saw a celestial fox fill the sky with light and wave its tail, tossing glittery bits all about.

    After this they were shown the mountains of sun and moon. The buzzardfly gave them the choice of which one to spend their night on. The thief went to the mountain of sun. The man with an empty heart went to the mountain of moon. The murderer stayed put.

    One of the three came back to the tribe. They came back and healed the child with mystic arts they learned during the night. They told about their visions of how the tribe needed to go south, how a better place waited them, nearer the sun. The tribe acknowledged they had become a seer. And from then on the tribe travelled east and south whenever there was enough food, whenever the ice allowed.

    This happened in the time of the grandfathers of our fathers' grandfathers. The tribe came south, and found land with trees, rabbits, easy winters but fewer seals. The food is more plentiful, but the old ways no longer work. There's less time to use sleds. There's brown bears. And yet the tribe has grown in the warmth and it is good, living in the area of Winsmoke.

    Another seer was born to the last generation and her healer skills have allowed the tribe to thrive. Other bands have followed and set up in nearby lands. Young braves have grown strong and they can protect Winsmoke from the other tribes, from the bears as well as from any creatures of the old tales: salamanders, bad spirits or the underwave people.

    The game will be played on the forum.
    The game is GURPS stone age pathfinder. The Serpent skull adventure path is partially subsumed into the story but is not the story. The campaign is long but episodic. I'm keeping the mechanics mostly under the hood, storytelling has emphasis.

    Links to IC thread

    And OOC thread
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