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    Quote Originally Posted by iTookUrNick View Post
    I did a little map of the city, following your description. I hope that's close enough to what you had in mind. If not, I can make adjustments.
    Here is the map I was going to use for my own reference. I was debating posting it. It's less detailed and more open than the actual city would be, but it has the major streets labeled which is nice. Your's is actually pretty similar, especially considering you made it off of the very vague description I gave. I quite like yours; it gives a better sense of how dense the city is. If you want to make a more detailed version of it, be my guest (I've just renamed the palace).
    Spoiler: Port Blacksand

    Link HERE.

    Perhaps I should just post it to the OP?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptin Keen View Post
    Spoiler: Borgrim

    Oh - ok =)

    Borgrim has no idea what the beast was. Not seen one before or since, and when he's bragged about the deed, no one has spoken with any confidence as to what it might have been. Big, ugly mofo at any rate.

    Ogden does his business around Silverton - propably on accord of the fuzz being just slightly cleverer in Blacksand. Also, the bribes are more expensive.
    Alright, perfect. I will add that to my notes.
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