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I've been having a lot of fun trying to unlock the Gunslinger. Managed to beat the Lich with the Paradox once so far, and my attempt with the Gunslinger was going well until I ate too much Spice and got the reaper dude following me from room to room. That proved a bit too difficult and i got dropped facing the High Dragun.

I still have no idea how you're supposed to beat the Rat though. The only way I've come close is by getting Clone and going down on the second life, but even then he's incredibly hard.
Yeah, I've beat the first form and got close to the second on the Rat but man. The second form is so tanky. I took him on with some really powerful runs with Gundromeda Strain and even then he kicked my butt in.

Working on the Gunslinger myself. Eager to see what Dodgeroll does next as well honestly. Gungeon's given and continues to give me a ton of gameplay and I can only imagine what Dodgeroll's got coming next.