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    Quote Originally Posted by Wogwoggle View Post
    Here are a few notes on backstories. All the specifics are just suggestions that you are free to use or dismiss as you like. If you'd like to add specifics that I haven't commented on, please go for it (but don't feel you need to). I've got a lot of room to work around anything you come up with.
    Yes! That's the kind of input I was hoping for! It even beats my expectations.

    Regarding those background inputs, I'm fine with everything. That clergy looks like a very appropriate enemy to have, thematically, for Rosa. I don't know if you did that on purpose, but it goes wonderfully well with my description of the sun dazzling her :)

    Riverton seems like the nice kind of very boring place I wanted Rosa to be from. Since it's on the river, her mother probably stole a small boat or raft to make her escape: explains how they could get to Blacksand without being intercepted by an angry pitchfork wielding mob.

    Whether the priest's reason to summon Rosa was infatuation, lechery or a genuine attempt at exorcism (or some degree of each), Rosa doesn't really know. Unless that priest comes back from the dead, this will remain unknown even to me.

    How well does Rosa know the Red Tigers? And what has been their relation? Enemies? Allies? Competitors? A mixture of those, depending on past circumstances?

    Also, it was somewhat implicit in my background, but I believe Rosa managed to decipher a spell-book and self-teach herself into wizardry thanks to her fiendish heritage.

    I'll edit my background piece to include your input, whenever I find time. I also still have to come up with names for Rosa's family members.

    Wizards can prepare their level + Int worth of spells, giving you 4 prepared at level 1.
    Ah yes! I didn't realize that. All in all, compared with 3.X, even while that concentration limitation makes wizards loose in raw power, that piece of rule makes them far more versatile. In the end, I think giving up raw power for versatility always makes for a better gaming experience.

    Shortsword should be 1d6.
    It seems d20srd's 5e ressources contain many mistakes. I should have realized that was a mistake too, since shortswords have always been 1d6. seems a lot more accurate.

    Tieflings also know Infernal.
    Missed that!

    Quote Originally Posted by iTookUrNick View Post
    I did a little map of the city, following your description. I hope that's close enough to what you had in mind. If not, I can make adjustments.
    Spoiler: City Map
    What software did you use to produce this? I want it too! Gimme gimme gimme

    Quote Originally Posted by Wogwoggle View Post
    Here is the map I was going to use for my own reference. I was debating posting it. It's less detailed and more open than the actual city would be, but it has the major streets labeled which is nice. Your's is actually pretty similar, especially considering you made it off of the very vague description I gave. I quite like yours; it gives a better sense of how dense the city is. If you want to make a more detailed version of it, be my guest (I've just renamed the palace).
    Spoiler: Port Blacksand

    Link HERE.

    Perhaps I should just post it to the OP?
    Yup, a map is definitely what should be included in the OP.

    I'm ambivalent regarding maps in RPG and fiction in general. They mess up with my sense of space. It's hard to picture a city as mysterious and crowded when you can count streets and blocks from a bird's eye view. Yet, on the other hand, they do give a sense of space: what neighbourhood is next to what street, etc. which will probably come handy for that ineluctable moment we will be running for our lives and looking for a place to hide.
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