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KH Stuff
I don't know if they were originally setup this way, but we've been playing through the compilation CDs and each game seems to have an option to review anything that happened in its specific game. And Dream Drop Distance has a lot of recaps of the previous games in text dumps, which is helpful. Thankfully we've been playing it through one to the next since last August so things are nice and fresh, but it does get delightfully complicated. Glad to hear there's a recap bit in KH:3, might straighten out a few things I'm just guessing at.

Only complaints with KH's as a whole is Chain of Memories (so much needless grinding just to open doors, and cheap boss fights), and the Drop Mechanic from Dream Drop Distance (Redoing the final boss fight of Riku's route d/t BS mechanics was infuriating). Still not a huge fan of the Dream eaters, but they did some cool combo/special attacks with them.

The skill deck system though is fantastic, and wish more games would incorporate something like it. Also cuts down on having to dig through options mid battle to find what you want.

Should hopefully get to start KH:3 sometime this weekend, and the whole family is stoked that we're almost there.