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    Default Re: What Sorcererous Origins Would You Like to See?

    A few I'm disappointed in not seeing so far:

    • A Cursed Origin. Many are familiar with the idea of being cursed at birth, or being some dark omen. A Sorcerer Origin around curses or omens would be perfect. Has an emphasis on curses or changing someone's luck.
    • A Possessed Origin. Either having a lineage that's known for interacting with ghosts, or literally having a spirit inside of them, this is something I could really see be a thing. You temporarily gain powers, like that of a Bladesinger or Barbarian, and interact with ghosts.
    • A Void Origin. Some beings aren't born, they're made. Maybe you're a simulacrum that gained sentience, or perhaps you were created for some grand purpose, or maybe you were someone and accidentally lost your personality from some accident. Doesn't matter- you forge your own destiny now. Your powers draw upon the void, or rely on bonding yourself to other things.
    • Guardian Origin. Your ancestors protected something as part of their lineage, and now it's your duty to do so as well. You have powers designed to be a bulwark against danger.
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