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    Cheechee Titan of fun


    Chechee was the last born child of seven (four sisters, two brothers). Cheechee was born during an April night during a rainstorm. The mother died.

    Cheechee's father is a warrior and a fisherman, noted for his harshness, as well as being an alcoholic. Towards his children though, he was a loving father, when he could. The family was further served by two prisoners of war until most of the band's war-prisoners were set free by Wanach. THis event didn't much faze Cheechee since they've always thought that a strong person acts and doesn't look for others to handle their affairs.

    Cheechee was always a large, happy child. Cheechee was straightforward, respected and looked up to by the other kids.

    When Cheechee was 11, they ran away with three other kids to 'start a band of their own'. They took the name Cheechief and the group managed to survive on another beach for a late spring, summer and better part of an autumn.

    When Cheechee came back, they immediately joined the band's warriors. In their first fight a rival band's brave hit Cheechee on the head with a warclub. The wound was severe, but they were carried back to Winsmoke fast enough that the seer managed to heal them, to a point.

    Since the head injury, Cheechee has been subjected to uncontrollable berserker rages. Luckily, they're generally an easygoing, fun-loving fellow so they're not enraged easily. Furthermore, another possible side effect of the head blow has been that Cheechee has continued to grow to a height of about 8 feet. No one in the band wants to antagonise someone that size.

    Cheechee has continued to be a member of the warchief's retinue. Four years ago in a fight, against a killer bear, Cheechee's best friend died. After this Cheechee got elevated to the position of tribal leader. They also decided to try alcohol to take away the pain. As plans go, it was a bad one. A person of Cheechee's size can drink a lot of fermented berry juice. They still managed to get addicted to the drink.

    Cheechee continues to be a person that other members of the band literally and figuratively look up to. While they're unseemly large, nature has give them a beautiful face and many consider Cheechee to be unfairly lucky. But with their warm and friendly character they're not hated nor feared, but rather generally loved.

    Strength 15
    Dexterity 11
    Iq 8
    Health 15
    Speed 6.5
    Move 9
    Dodge 9
    3 hit points
    Fast move +2+1 from gigantism
    3 extra fatigue points
    Very handsome/beautiful
    high status+1
    military rank3
    Very fit
    Legal enforcement powers
    No Hangovers

    Brawling dx+1
    Carousing ht
    Fastdraw dx
    First aid iq
    Thrown axe/club dx
    Jumping dx
    Law iq-2
    Leadership iq-1
    Axe-mace dx+1
    Knife dx
    Skiing ht -2
    Survivor beach iq-1
    Swimming ht

    Cheechee loves being with friends. A large skin of fermented berry juice improves things but doesn't define Cheechee as a person. As an effect of their size, Cheechee is used to periods of not being capable of consuming enough of the drink. Cheechee lives an honest and simple life warrior's life.

    Cheechee is a natural leader, by sheer personal force. While they may lack vision, they're certainly very good at pushing the action. Cheechee wants what Cheechee wants and usually gets it.
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