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Wait, did you just say"bear in mind"?
Purely by accident.

We have a tie between 77A and 771C.

77A - 50
771C - 60

So we're going to step out of character and ask them to give Flavia a hand!

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You step forward to the edge of the stage. You let a moment pass, so that all eyes are on you, and a hush falls over the audience.

"Good people! 'Tis I, Frederick, that addresses you for a moment. I take this opportunity to step out of the play so that I might make an important announcement…"

"I would like to thank the woman who made this play possible. Flavia, come out here and accept a round of applause!"
There are some hidden stat changes , but nothing to put on the character sheet

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It is unseemly for a woman to come onstage, so Flavia blushes as she steps next to you and accepts the applause of the audience.

"Flavia has been doing such hard work, and I did not want it to go unrecognized. Here's to you, Flavia!"

The shepherds really seem to appreciate your acknowledgement of one of their own, and you see more smiles among them as they settle in to watch the rest of the play.

"Now then," you say. "Let us continue." You and Flavia exit. As you leave, with a grin still frozen on her face, Flavia hisses to you, "Thank you. Never do that again. That was the most terrifying…but thank you."

"Don't mention it," you say.
And now, on with the show!

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The scenes that follow are thankfully less eventful, and before long, it is time for the musical interlude that marks the middle of the play.

A consort of rustic fiddlers take the stage, and the audience stands, milling around and stretching their legs.

As you enjoy the music, Flavia dashes over to you, breathlessly.

"The Duke commands your presence before him at once," she says.

Father is waving you over, sternly. "You. Now."

You dismount the pavilion and slowly, uncertainly, approach Father's bed.
Father wants to speak to us...? Will he see through our disguise?

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Father's arms are crossed, and his face holds an expression of poorly concealed contempt.

"This play is a strikingly poor attempt at entertainment," he sniffs. "Amateurish. Insulting. Painful to anyone capable of soul or sense. However, you seem to be one of the only performers capable of any shred of acting."

"Thank you, Your Grace."

"How do you account for this travesty of a play? What possible excuse can you offer? I have half a mind to have everyone else arrested and whipped for their insult to me."

Vote 78:

78A: "Ah, Your Grace, you are discerning and wise. You have perceived our clever parody."

78B: "We offer no excuses for our play. Perhaps you just do not perceive the aesthetic unity that makes it such a work of art."

78C: "I apologize most humbly for our failings."

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"Enough of this," Father says. "There was one thing more. Ah, yes. Yes. One member of your troupe is worthy of special plaudits. That wonderful bear. Remarkable, remarkable."

Father gestures to the sleeping bear. "I really believed that was a real bear for a moment. You must introduce me to this fine actor."

The bear snores loudly.

Vote 79:
79A) "Perhaps after the play. He is taking a well-deserved rest, and we don't want to disturb him. Actors need their sleep."

79B) "He's rather intimidated by your nobility. I fear that he is too meek to seek to claim your acquaintance."

79C) "Certainly, Your Grace. Bear, this is the Duke. Duke, this is bear."

He doesn't seem to be seeing through our disguise fortunately, but now we have to navigate the rather treacherous waters of this interview. Let me know what you want to do and we will press on when Monday, 13 May 2019, 5 PM EDT rolls around!

Hope to see you then!


Brian P.