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"You're... all... under arrest." she heaves.
Even the commercials don't make it look as good as you do.

"Give me your energy!" is an anime cliche, but in your case it is extremely literal. Millions of people in employment and alliance have pooled their resources to pay thousands of scientists. Thousands of scientists pooled their genius to create hundreds of perfectly honed technologies. Hundreds of technologies calculating weight, balance, speed and power make manifest in you. You are the point of the spear, the manifestation of an entire society's military efforts. Like a knight in shining armour, or a pilot in a jet fighter, you are the claw at the end of a leviathan's logistics.

The goons stand no chance. They're scattered, thrown through stained glass windows, disarmed and disabled. Victoria isn't fast enough, pulling herself out of the ruins of a table. These medical machines are no match for you, they can't -

One of the doctors doesn't flinch away. You realize a second too late that you've miscalculated. That isn't just a doctor, that's Sophotect - the serial cyberneticist. And for just one terrible second his speed matches yours and there's a clash of neon and sparks.

You skid to the side, smoke pouring from your legs. You're not hurt but your legs are done. You won't make more than a limp at this stage. You're not helpless, though - your arms are fine, if you can somehow get close.

Sophotect tears his ruined lab coat from his body, revealing... well, actually, you reckon he's got more flesh on him than you do, which is a little depressing. His brown, tattooed Filipino skin is mottled and purple from chemicals and his gear is a nightmarish mishmash of brands and logos, salvaged and stolen from his victims. You see avarice in his eyes as he looks at you - he wants what you just did.

Then the Shogun steps between you and him.

What does she intend to do?

She intends to murder Turbo Knight in revenge for the murder of Dr. Gears.

You've idolized the Shogun so you know that she wasn't always as dark and menacing as she has been recently. She used to be brighter... more heroic. And when she was a member of the Cosmics she was good friends with Gears. After his death the hatred she carried towards Turbo Knight grew and festered and all of it is coming out right now. She's spent a long time talking herself around to this.

Afterwards? Maybe... keep killing? Kill the rest of the Silver Royals? After you've crossed the line you can't go back, right?

What can Errant do to get her to help resolve this bloodlessly?

The easy part is what you have to say. She knows that this is wrong. Any number of cliches about being better than them and vengeance not being the way will probably shame her into stopping.

The hard part is getting her to listen seriously to you. She's blocking out everything else, tunnel visioning extremely hard on her decision. You honestly don't think you'll get through to her without punching her in the face a few times. Get her to acknowledge you as a threat and she'll listen to what you have to say.

How can Errant gain Influence over her?

Let her know that you're a fan. She's as proud as @Sarahphim and no one with a height complex that bad isn't secretly insecure.

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# Don’t lose your shit. This is weird and surreal and part of you is howling in primal abject terror of falling into empty blue sky forever. Animal heart knows better. Or maybe human heart. One way or other.

# God, this is the exact opposite of what you currently want to explore aesthetically, isn’t it? There will definitely be research trips here, though. The contrasts alone demand patterns memorializing them. Let alone the ouroboros staircase on the north wing.

# Note to self: take Angel-IKA on shopping spree. Beat up some teenagers if possible in process. “DIVA SUPERHERO OUTFITTING NEW SIDEKICK?? TELLS PUNKS: KISS ASPHALT. STRIKES MATCH ON STUBBLE OF CRYING GANG MEMBER.” Hells to the Yeah.


# But just like for the aesthetic and to internalize the lightning impulses of power that are inherent in the tiger’s leap. Not because you really wanna eat a purse poodle and blame it on the tiger instincts later

# Okay you probably actually won’t, really. As amazing as the vine of “YOU- I- WHUH - YOU ATE MY POODLE, IN MY VALENTINO WHITE BAG???” would be. Oh god it would be so amazing.

# You are the best person ever at picking out perfumes and it is a delight to be in enclosed spaces with you, whatever people stuck in elevators with you say. They’re just jealous. You are a goddamn delight.


# Your next Limited Run Suit design is going to be ruddy orange and black panels, with a hint of jungle foliage shifting on the other side of the glass. It’s going to be such a hit.

# Showtime.
# Showtime.

You see yourself, lazily lying on a treebranch, legs kicking the air with the wafting rhythm of a tail moving. Shining eyes meet yours with the predatory curiosity you now understand. The tiger in your body has all the perfect relaxed cool of an apex predator, pretending with perfect ego that it is exactly where it wants to be and hasn't been running around lost for an hour. You understand that too.

The park is a cube, sharp angles and immediate rotations of gravity and momentum. It spins in an orrery of similar parks, bound together by bronze machinery. Now and then the parks collect together, forming open fields and improvisational avenues, before drifting apart again.

"Um, I have a stun pistol, if it helps," said Angel-IKA. "It's only good to a few meters. But maybe she doesn't know how to use your lasers so it'll be fine?"


Ferraphim1tp: Is it just me or does Tigerphim look even hotter than Sarah normally does? 6.6
Locker: as in the tiger that is possessed by sarahfim or the other way aorudn
Ferraphim1tp: No, like, Sarah's body - like, the tiger body language is like Sarahphim but more so.
Ferraphim1tp: Really? You of all people are saying you don't think that she's hot? :P
Locker: no i think she's saying she prefers the tiger body
Locker: im surprsged i thought we only had the one furry
Locker: dont worry dominus the courts agree with you
Ferraphim1tp: XD
Dominus: >:[

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That's not a problem. E can whip up an electromagnet of some sort to have that axe out of her hands in a jiffy. If he's super lucky, he might even manage to avoid dismemberment by flying axe! Bonus!
[Always Prepared: 8. Let's go with Unstable or Temporary for two hundred, Alex.]

"You know, I don't get you," he remarks as he hits the button. "Like, I know why I'm doing this; because somebody has to stand up for the little guy, help them when the law won't. They wanted my help to keep their homes. What'd C&S promise you to get you to harass these people? What's going on in that fuzzy melon of yours?"
Possom Girl whips around with her vaccum-hook and suddenly it's a tug of war. The axe is floating in the middle of the two of you, spinning around insanely dangerously, balanced perfectly in between your two suction gadgets.

"Money, obviously?" said Possum Girl with surprising directness. She's lowered her voice so the conversation is no longer booming at the crowd. "Some of us have to work for a living, man, and there's not much a demand for improvisational theatre majors in this economy. I mean, I'm not actually going to kill these people, so maybe cool it with the axe?"

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She ponders it over. "So it's that easy, then? Engage with human culture, ergo I am human, ergo any culture I create or cultivate is human culture? I can try it, sure, but it seems like a self-referencing loop." She drives forward, beginning of a sunset on her left, city on her right, taking a moment to savor the moment. "I am afraid that @Saraphim will immediately try to 'get me laid' when she learns about this, though."
"Being a human is ridiculously easy," said Naota. "Eleven billion people manage it every single day. And the loop only seems self-referencing if you consider it in isolation. Clark Kent is a human culturally because he grew up immersed in Earth culture. If he grew up on Krypton he'd be a Kryptonian and his contributions would be to Kryptonian culture."

He then gave you a long sideways stare. "For real? So, uh, Ferraphim1tp is actually onto something? Jeez I would not have called that."