Gothic Cathedral

Inside Blue is greeted first by a statue of a woman with 6 arms, sitting cross-legged with a swathe of fabric over her lap. Each of her arms is extended outwards, holding something different - a bowl, a knife, a skull, a revolver, a semi-automatic pistol, and a submachine-gun. She has a spiked crown and a strip of bullets around her neck that trail down her torso, preserving her modesty. Her eyes - all three of them, one in the middle of her forehead - look like they might have once been set with precious gems, but are now just empty holes. Her hair streams down her back in an untamed mane.

Underneath the statue is an empty pool, the bottom set with cracked and dirty tiles. To each side of the statue is a short hallway that leads into a larger room. The temple smells dusty and still, no sound but his own breathing.