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    Spoiler: Calla thoughts, round 1 of 3
    Conscious answer to the question "Why are you here?": Profit, see if there are any chances to raise that bounty higher, have some fun along the way.

    Memory: Calla stood in her usual spot atop the bow of the Empyrean. Staring down at a planet. Her planet.

    You're sure this is what you want? I mean, isn't this your own home?

    Don't make me repeat myself. All ships, open fire.

    And there she stood, unblinking, watching her own home planet reduced to an uninhabitable rock at the hands of her fleet.

    Subconscious: Deep down Calla regretted what she did to her homeworld. Risking her life on ever escalating raids and such hadn't helped at all. Maybe it was time for one last job. Enough to settle down on. Raise a family? Grow some plants? She certainly did enjoy growing plants.

    Calla turned to Kana Te the moment Tager reacted to the potential mind reading going on, and immediately drew her pistol.

    You go into my head and I get to find out if the bounty on your kind's still up for grabs.
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